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As traveling housesitters, we experience the world one sit at a time. We love the idea of slow travel and the immersive experience it gives us. When we stay in real homes, we experience a destination more like locals and avoid the rush of traditional tourism.

There are many platforms to explore to begin an adventure in housesitting. Some people want to housesit just for a particular holiday. Others, like us, end up leaving our traditional homes behind to full time traveling housesitters. We primarily use TrustedHousesitters for travel exchanges where we exchange home and pet care for accommodation.

Here are some of our latest blog posts about how we experience the world through slow travel.

  • A Beautiful Provence Village: Correns, France

    A Beautiful Provence Village: Correns, France

    We spent a month house sitting in the South of France. Here’s what it was like. Read more

  • The Isle of Avalon

    The Isle of Avalon

    One of the great perks of housesitting is the opportunity to travel and discover. Our current sit is in the southern part of the county of Somerset. The little village is only a 40 minute drive from Glastonbury where Glastonbury Tor is located! It was not a perfect winter’s day, quite cold and blustery, but… Read more



    AS HOUSE AND PET SITTERS List five things you do for fun. WordPress daily prompt To get our creative juices flowing, I decided to try the WordPress daily prompt. The prompt is to list five things we do for fun. 1. As house sitters this might seem obvious, but it’s still true: walk the dog(s).… Read more

  • Three weeks later…

    Sometimes it’s just not your fault. Little Otis here is one of two very special litter mates we’ve been sitting for. He’s very very shy. The first week, he emerged for his mealtimes. That’s it. We’ve never met a cat who didn’t warm up to us after a few days. Otis’s continued shyness was starting… Read more

  • Housesitting tips: Take lots of photos!

    Housesitting tips: Take lots of photos!

    If I was a homeowner entrusting my home to essentially complete strangers, I would be so relieved if I returned home to a house that looked exactly as I left it. One of our top housesitting tips is to take as many photos as possible of the space as soon as you arrive. Sometimes as… Read more

  • Timely manner

    It’s astonishing the amount of home and pet owners who advertise a sit then leave it hanging out there without responding to applications. We currently have two applications for the same time period dangling in the cloud waiting for a response. It’s six months from now but that should not matter. Homeowners should reply to… Read more

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Dog walking in the North Yorkshire Moors national park on a housesitting assignment

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You don’t have to want to travel full time to enjoy or posts. We give our impressions and ideas for destinations whether you are going for a short trip or a full-time nomadic experience. Few people choose to housesit full-time.

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