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  • Italy’s Stunning Abruzzo Region

    Italy’s Stunning Abruzzo Region

    What It’s Like to Housesit in Atri, Italy We spent 3 weeks of August, 2023 housesitting just outside the picturesque hilltop village of Atri. Atri lies in Italy’s stunning Abruzzo region east of Rome, across the mountains on the Adriatic coast. There is so much to see, do, and eat in this area, although we…

  • Exploring Buckinghamshire

    Exploring Buckinghamshire

    What it’s like to housesit in “Bucks” We spent a lot of time in England over the past two summers (2022 and 2023). As many of you know, we travel through housesitting. Purely because of the concentration of people in London and the surrounding counties, a LOT of sits pop up in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire,…

  • Charming Suffolk

    Charming Suffolk
  • The Chequers Inn, Beaconsfield: A Review

    The Chequers Inn,  Beaconsfield: A Review

    Sometimes, in between housesits, we need to find paid accommodation to fill the gaps. We found ourselves with a two night gap before our housesit in Buckinghamshire, and decided to treat ourselves to a real English pub/inn experience. We decided to go with The Chequers Inn which was only 15 minutes from our housesit starting…

  • Scotch Whisky Delight: Our Glen Garioch Distillery Tour Experience

    Scotch Whisky Delight: Our Glen Garioch Distillery Tour Experience

    There are a lot of people who consider Scotch Whisky one of the great pleasures in life. While housesitting in the UK, we were incredibly lucky to catch up with some friends from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They treated us to an amazing Glen Garioch Distillery Tour, which was a great way to catch up with friends…

  • Exploring Eastern Kent

    Exploring Eastern Kent

    What it’s like to housesit in Broadstairs For nearly two weeks now, we have been housesitting in Broadstairs, a town on the east Kent coast. We have been taking care of some fish and a gorgeous Maine Coon cat called Sophie-Louise. No dogs this time, which meant we could explore a little further afield. Last…

  • Beautiful Hampshire, England

    Beautiful Hampshire, England

    … What it’s like to housesit in rural Hampshire We just got to housesit in beautiful Hampshire, England. We are full-time house sitters, without a home base of any kind. Sometimes housesits don’t align perfectly. This past week, for example, we had a week’s gap between longer housesits, and had to search out for shorter…

  • The Beautiful Peak District

    The Beautiful Peak District

    … What it’s like to housesit in Tideswell This is our second year housesitting in the beautiful Peak District. We were lucky enough to get invited back here for a second visit. When the homeowners asked us to come back this May 2023, we did not hesitate. It is amazing to spend a few weeks…

  • Calke Abbey Review

    Calke Abbey Review

    A Day with Bluebells & Blossoms! We are currently housesitting in a small village in the Peak District in Derbyshire. Last Sunday was a beautiful May Day. So we decided to make the most of our National Trust membership and find somewhere to see a display of Bluebells. Here is our review of the Calke…

  • Great Things To Do in Maryland

    Great Things To Do in Maryland

    What it’s like to housesit in Severna Park We discovered great things to do in Maryland while housesitting for a month in Severna Park. Severna Park was very conveniently located close to Annapolis, not too far from Washington D.C. and with easy access to Chesapeake Bay beaches. This was a cats only housesit. The cats…