Housesitting Statistics – 4 interesting facts

We have compiled some housesitting stats based on TrustedHousesitters search results from May 2023. These housesitting facts might help you determine if housesitting for full time travel or just as a way to have more budget friendly holiday is for you. Here are 4 interesting facts we found:

1. How many house sitters sit full time?

According to an article in Country Living, 37% of house sitters do so full time.

2. Housesitting facts: How many housesits are there without pets?

The vast majority of housesits involve caring for some type of pets. As of May, 2023, TrustedHousesitters, for example has 2433 homeowners currently seeking a house sitter. Only 2 of those have no pets. That’s less than 0.1%. The stats show that you will have a hard time finding housesits without pets, but it is not impossible.

Broadening the search to housesits available without sits worldwide, there are only 6. This is a negligible, at best, amount.

3. Housesitting statistics: What percentage of sits have dogs?

In May 2023, 1206 of the 2433 housesits available in the United Kingdoms have dogs to care for. That’s roughly 50% of all UK housesits. There are similar numbers in the United States – approximately 2700 housesits available, approximately 1400 with dogs to care for.

Housesitting with dogs is a great way to get out and enjoy the area you are in just like a local.

4. How many housesits have cats only according to housesitting statistics?

Mixed terrier dog with dog toy

Many people want to sit for cats only, because they believe this will leave them with more free time to explore the area. In the United States, May 2023, approximately 400 sits have cats only. In the UK, this number is lower, at 240 sits. Housesitting statistics show that only about 12-15% of all available housesits being cats only.

A tabby rescue cat - how many cat sits only are there in Housesitting statistics

If you are considering housesitting, whether it is full time or only for your next vacation, it is important to keep these housesitting statistics in mind. Securing.a housesit without pets will not be easy. And it is far easier to secure a housesit with dogs than with only cats.

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