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    6 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Sit With Pets As of June 2023, we have been housesitting full-time for over 14 months. Every single one of those sits have been housesits with pets. This means that we have now looked after nearly 50 cats, 25 dogs, and a variety of small animals and even…

  • Beautiful Hampshire, England

    Beautiful Hampshire, England

    … What it’s like to housesit in rural Hampshire We just got to housesit in beautiful Hampshire, England. We are full-time house sitters, without a home base of any kind. Sometimes housesits don’t align perfectly. This past week, for example, we had a week’s gap between longer housesits, and had to search out for shorter…

  • How to Attract Good House Sitters

    How to Attract Good House Sitters

    Are you wondering how to attract good house sitters when you list your house and pet on platforms such as TrustedHousesitters? As of May 2023, we have been housesitting full-time for 14 months. At last count, we have completed 32 house sits around the world. All those were also pet sits. How do great house…

  • The Beautiful Peak District

    The Beautiful Peak District

    … What it’s like to housesit in Tideswell This is our second year housesitting in the beautiful Peak District. We were lucky enough to get invited back here for a second visit. When the homeowners asked us to come back this May 2023, we did not hesitate. It is amazing to spend a few weeks…

  • A Day in Concord, Massachusetts

    Yesterday, we took a day trip from Boston to the lovely historic town of Concord, Massachusetts. It’s only a 30 minute drive from our trusted housesitting assignment here so we grabbed the opportunity! Concord the location of “the shot heard around the world” that started the American Revolution back in 1775. This site uses affiliate…

  • A Beautiful Provence Village: Correns, France

    A Beautiful Provence Village: Correns, France

    We spent a month house sitting in the South of France. Here’s what it was like.

  • The Isle of Avalon

    The Isle of Avalon

    One of the great perks of housesitting is the opportunity to travel and discover. Our current sit is in the southern part of the county of Somerset. The little village is only a 40 minute drive from Glastonbury where Glastonbury Tor is located! It was not a perfect winter’s day, quite cold and blustery, but…



    AS HOUSE AND PET SITTERS List five things you do for fun. WordPress daily prompt To get our creative juices flowing, I decided to try the WordPress daily prompt. The prompt is to list five things we do for fun. 1. As house sitters this might seem obvious, but it’s still true: walk the dog(s).…

  • Housesitting tips: Take lots of photos!

    Housesitting tips: Take lots of photos!

    If I was a homeowner entrusting my home to essentially complete strangers, I would be so relieved if I returned home to a house that looked exactly as I left it. One of our top housesitting tips is to take as many photos as possible of the space as soon as you arrive. Sometimes as…

  • Just one shelf?

    Just one shelf?

    You may have noticed in my earlier post that I mentioned refrigerator and freezer space. It may sound silly, but arriving at a housesit and finding the fridge and freezer filled to bursting is not really great for your sitter. One of the great things about the job is that you can cook meals at…