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Christine and John from Tails and Stays housesitting
Here we are – housesitting our way around the world!

We are Christine and John. We travel slowly and immersivley through housesitting! In March 2022 we sold our home in New Zealand and became nomadic international house sitters. Moving around is not new to us. We have moved around every five years or so since we were married nearly 30 years ago. Now we love this new way of travel and living!

We travel full-time through housesitting assignments around the world which gives us a way to live like locals, and have pets too! Our main assignments come from TrustedHousesitters, but there are many other platforms available.

In this blog, we share travel tips, trusted house sitter tips and experiences, and other adventures we have with this lifestyle.

A Little More About Us

We have an international background. Even before we became nomads through housesitting, we were frequent travelers. Christine is a third culture child, born to Norwegian parents and raised around the world. John is from New Zealand, but left to travel through work before he was 20. We met in Norway and got married there in 1996. Since then, we lived in many places around the world.

John has worked as an engineer his whole life and occasionally still consults from wherever home may be. Christine has an MA in English, has been a teacher, and has also worked in admin. She is also a keen photographer and gardener. Christine has taken all the photographs on this site unless otherwise noted.

You can read more about Christine’s pain management story here.

Find out how we stay connected while traveling here.

As traveling housesitters, we love visiting historical places, good eateries, gardens, and much more. It’s great to explore wherever we are housesitting with a dog to show us great walks too!

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