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As traveling housesitters, we experience the world one sit at a time. We love the idea of slow travel and the immersive experience it gives us. When we stay in real homes, we experience a destination more like locals and avoid the rush of traditional tourism.

There are many platforms to explore to begin an adventure in housesitting. Some people want to housesit just for a particular holiday. Others, like us, end up leaving our traditional homes behind to full time traveling housesitters. We primarily use TrustedHousesitters for travel exchanges where we exchange home and pet care for accommodation.

Here are some of our latest blog posts about how we experience the world through slow travel.

  • Calke Abbey Review

    Calke Abbey Review

    A Day with Bluebells & Blossoms! We are currently housesitting in a small village in the Peak District in Derbyshire. Last Sunday was a beautiful May Day. So we decided to make the most of our National Trust membership and find somewhere to see a display of Bluebells. Here is our review of the Calke… Read more

  • Great Things To Do in Maryland

    Great Things To Do in Maryland

    What it’s like to housesit in Severna Park We discovered great things to do in Maryland while housesitting for a month in Severna Park. Severna Park was very conveniently located close to Annapolis, not too far from Washington D.C. and with easy access to Chesapeake Bay beaches. This was a cats only housesit. The cats… Read more

  • Save Money in England this summer with these Membership Cards

    Save Money in England this summer with these Membership Cards

    Visiting England this summer? Do you love the idea of English gardens, parklands, historical sites, and stately homes and manors? Here’s one of our best travel tips to save money in England with membership cards: whether you are visiting for two weeks or 6 months, here are 3 membership cards that as we, as trusted… Read more

  • Renting a Car in England?

    Renting a Car in England?

    5 Things to Consider when deciding whether to rent a car in the UK Read more

  • Top 4 Things to See in North and Central Yorkshire

    Top 4 Things to See in North and Central Yorkshire

    What It’s Like to Housesit in … Danby, North Yorkshire Last updated: In late November 2022, we were lucky enough to land a housesit in Danby, which is actually located in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. It’s a small village (less than 1500 population) that is in the Scarborough District, so also close to… Read more

  • A Day in Concord, Massachusetts

    A Day in Concord, Massachusetts

    Yesterday, we took a day trip from Boston to the lovely historic town of Concord, Massachusetts. It’s only a 30 minute drive from our trusted housesitting assignment here so we grabbed the opportunity! Concord the location of “the shot heard around the world” that started the American Revolution back in 1775. This site uses affiliate… Read more

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Dog walking in the North Yorkshire Moors national park on a housesitting assignment

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You don’t have to want to travel full time to enjoy or posts. We give our impressions and ideas for destinations whether you are going for a short trip or a full-time nomadic experience. Few people choose to housesit full-time.

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