Three months ago, my husband and I packed up everything and headed for our first ever housesitting assignment in the UK. What an introduction to a new way of life!

We did some research and joined a worldwide house and pet sitting community. Having paid our dues to have our identity verified and insurance provided, we started piecing together a string of sits around the UK.

We had some places we had never been before and tried to secure sits in those places and then filling in the gaps. So exciting! We were able to secure quite a few assignments before even arriving in the UK, so we felt things were going really well!

We arrived in the UK, hired a car, and … our first sit got canceled. This was a blow, but then everything started looking up!

A black and white cat is a great introduction!

In this blog, we’ll try to protect the innocent pets and hopefully the really great homeowners we’ve worked with but still give an honest account of what house and pet sitting is like. It’s a lot of fun but not as stress free as some would have you believe!

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