Timely manner

It’s astonishing the amount of home and pet owners who advertise a sit then leave it hanging out there without responding to applications. We currently have two applications for the same time period dangling in the cloud waiting for a response. It’s six months from now but that should not matter. Homeowners should reply to applications in a timely manner.

We fully expect that one of those will contact us, and we will probably secure one of them. In many locations, it is very much a ‘sitter’s market’, meaning there are way more people wanting sitters than there are quality sitters.

This means that if you don’t respond in a timely manner, or show up for a video chat at the appointed time, we will most likely accept a sit where the owner responds quickly to an application or video chat interview.

I think a lot of home and pet owners lose out on a quality experience by not responding quickly to applications after posting an assignment.

As Gordon Ramsey would say: “What a shame.”

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