Just one shelf?

You may have noticed in my earlier post that I mentioned refrigerator and freezer space.

It may sound silly, but arriving at a housesit and finding the fridge and freezer filled to bursting is not really great for your sitter. One of the great things about the job is that you can cook meals at ‘home’ while traveling. This inevitably means that there are certain staples you drag around with you: potatoes, cheese, crumpets, your favorite butter, leftovers, your favorite bacon… that sort of thing.

Where should I put my things?

We have two supermarket cooling bags that we transport our ‘essentials’ or leftovers in from sit to sit. When we arrive and find no empty shelf in the fridge, it’s always quite stressful. We end up taking photos of the fridge, then we try to move things around and store our things and try to make sure we don’t blend and use the homeowners’ items. And this would be the case even if we are only staying for one night. If staying for a week or longer, we’ll obviously go shopping for food at some stage, and then it becomes even trickier.

And it’s not just the fridge. We appreciate freezer space too. Very rare real estate! In our experience, homeowners have freezers that are so full an archeologist might enjoy them. We travel with ice packs for transporting food or to deal with a personal pain condition. Oh! And we like ice cubes! Sometimes, we have to forego these luxuries. Just a half a drawer would be very appreciated!

One of our homeowners even cleared us a pantry space!!! We were thrilled!!

You learn to do some work around, of course, but it would make for a far easier sit to have just a tiny cold place to call your own.

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