List five things you do for fun.

WordPress daily prompt

To get our creative juices flowing, I decided to try the WordPress daily prompt. The prompt is to list five things we do for fun.

1. As house sitters this might seem obvious, but it’s still true: walk the dog(s). We really like walking other people’s dogs! It is such a fantastic way to get the local area we are sitting in.

Gus from Danby, Yorkshire. Really showed us the Esk Valley!

2. We love to spoil cats! We love spending time in front of the tv or with a book and spoiling cats with pats (the cats who want it anyway)

Lulu loves next to rather than on!

3. We really like going to local farm shops and markets. Such a great way to find new things to eat, taste the area and supporting local businesses where ever we sit!

From a farm shop in Oxfordshire

4. We try the local Indian and Thai restaurants or takeaways! My husband is on a mission to taste and rate every Pad Thai on our travels. It’s not always a huge success but we enjoy the experience!

5. Read a book or watch a movie inspired by our latest housesit! Sometimes it’s literally a book in the bookshelf, sometimes it’s more an inspiration to read or watch something. We had a sit in East London for a beautiful cat named Ripley. The owners had a LOT of Harry Potter memorabilia and collectibles. We LOVED the books and movies when they first came out (we had young boys at the time), but hadn’t revisited them. Since that sit we have rewatched all the films!


I’ve also read a lot of historical fiction related to the Cavendish family in Derbyshire after visiting Chatsworth House near another sit.

What do you do for fun?

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