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Christine - author of on Glastonbury Tor

One of the great perks of housesitting is the opportunity to travel and discover. Our current sit is in the southern part of the county of Somerset. The little village is only a 40 minute drive from Glastonbury where Glastonbury Tor is located!

The path up to Glastonbury Tor
Heading up to Glastonbury Tor

It was not a perfect winter’s day, quite cold and blustery, but there was no sign of rain or snow, so we set off.

Getting to the top of magical Glastonbury Tor has been on my personal bucket list since I read Marion Zimmer-Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon when I was in high school. The novel really spoke to my romantic teenage heart 😺

Monument at top of Glastonbury Tor

I have to say I think it was pretty magical despite the biting cold wind! You can see for miles and miles across the Somerset Levels in all directions. In a lot of ways, we think winter is the best time to go as there were very few people on the Tor. In summer, that would certainly NOT be the case.

I was thrilled with the excursion! It is easy to see how the Tor has become a place of legend and spiritual pilgrimage. If nothing else, the wind blew all the cobwebs out and we felt refreshed!

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